Dear You,

I yearn for you to reconsider travel—which places to visit, where you stay, what you allow yourself to experience, who you engage with, even how you get around.

This blog seeks to help you dig deeper into the local culture beyond all-inclusive resorts and service-industry interactions. Yes, each post will give you quick recommendations on where to eat and what to see, but you, Dear Reader, will bee bold. You want more than the average “Amazing Race” style to-do checklist. So, I’ll reflect on conversations that have stayed with me, interactions that lead me to reexamine my beliefs, and how connecting with strangers as human beings is the best souvenir.

To experience travel rather than tourism, bee bold, rebel against the stale structures that have shaped our mindsets, worldview, judgments, and perceptions, venture into the overlooked and misunderstood, and allow it to change you.

Bee Bold,

The Noble Bee